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Leading company in the integration of robotic falconry systems for the control of avian wildlife

cetrería robótica


We offer comprehensive and collaborative solutions for the control of avian wildlife in any environment.

cetrería robótica


GAVIZOR® our biomimetic drone with patent-protected technology is manufactured entirely in our facilities, ensuring the highest quality standards.



Participation in collaborative projects with world-renowned robotics technology centers, universities and experts in avian fauna.


Human Team

Made up of biologists, falconers, engineers and pilots with proven experience in the control of birds.


Our international experience supports us. We have implemented our systems in diverse and climatologically adverse environments such as, among others, the Atacama desert, the Andes mountain range, at more than 3,500 m. altitude, in tropical climates such as the Gulf of Guayás in Ecuador or the Norwegian fjords.


We offer comprehensive, collaborative robotic falconry solutions adapted to the environment.

We study
the avifauna

We design the integral solution and adapted to the problem

We implement the solution

We follow up

As the environment and the avian wildlife are a living and changing system, we collaborate on each project continuously with the client, adapting our solutions.

Discover our biomimetic drone for the control of avian wildlife.






Do you want to be our partner?

In our international expansion plan we are looking for alliances with environmental companies, pest control, airport services and drone operators, with proven experience in regional markets in robotic falconry.

Our technology partners


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Fobos Solutions – Expertos en cetrería robótica

We are a leading company in robotic falconry that offers comprehensive, collaborative solutions that adapt to the environment to solve the problem caused by pests. Specifically, we stand out for our highly effective techniques against avian pests through the use of biomimetic drones.

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In addition, by working with us you will be counting on:

  • A company with global and cooperative solutions
  • International experience
  • The best technology on the market, such as our Gavizor biomimetic drone
  • A high investment in R+D+i through world-renowned centers
  • A human team trained and committed to your problem

We are the robotic falconry company that stands out for its efficiency and commitment to our customers. Fobos Solutions provides you with comprehensive, collaborative solutions adapted to your business that eliminate the pest problem that affects your business so much quickly and conveniently for you.

Smart and respectful robotic falconry solutions

Our way of working is based on a method developed through experience, knowledge and, above all, continuous observation and adaptation to the environments in which we develop our services.

For this reason, we do not stop at the surface of the problem and go much further:

  • We study the problem by analyzing the fauna and the type of plague
  • We advise you comprehensively on the most favorable conditions for you
  • We create a solution 100% adapted and committed to your business form that adapts to the living and changing environment with which you have to live
  • We implement the solution to facilitate the service
  • We carry out a follow-up through which you will always feel accompanied and cared for, reducing your problem in an effective and real way.

We are the experts in robotic falconry that you were looking for to obtain the best solution to your problem, regardless of the sector you belong to, call us and we will advise you on everything you need!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

If you belong to any of these industries or others of the many that have to deal daily with the problem of avian fauna pests or you want to become our partner, do not hesitate to contact us! You can do it through our WhatsApp +34 690 88 52 22, by calling us at  +34 986 19 08 14 or by writing to us at info@fobossolutions.com. We adapt to the option you prefer!
At Fobos Solutions we are always happy to help you resolve any questions that may arise about our robotic falconry services, offering you personalized attention and proposing the most appropriate technique adapted to your sector. Contact us!